SharePoint Sync with Windows Mobile Phones, Your Office on the Move

Published: 30th November 2008
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: The innovative technology of Microsoft (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) provides the services to support the mobile access of SharePoint data list. The basic requirement however is that, the mobile phones must be using the windows operating system. What else? The office is on the move. This means that you can manage your projects in a more efficient and effective way and know what your team members are doing!

Article Body: SharePoint hosting with WSS 3.0 uses the innovative technology and provides system architecture and feature set and support mobile access and sync to the SharePoint data list. Mobile devices can access a site through an URL that makes a simple addition of an "m" folder to the general URL. So the URL takes the following form: http(s)://Server/ [sites/][Site/]m/. Mobile users are redirected to mobile home page. From there, the users are capable of navigating to a view page through which they can read or write to a SharePoint list. This however is possible as long as the list has a mobile view. A mobile view is nothing but a standard SharePoint view which is marked for additional use as mobile list view.

This synchronization of SharePoint site hosting with the mobile phones using the windows operating system does to however provide the same controls as in the case of server controls. The set of controls by mobiles synced with the SharePoint are inherited from ASP.NET 2.0 controls from Microsoft.

The Windows SharePoint Services mobile make use of templates which render a mechanism that which is almost similar to the pages displayed in the browsers used by the users. You can access these SharePoint features from your Windows mobile and carry the project with you. This goes up to the ultimate level of work culture and helps the organizations to get the efficiency of their employees. SharePoint 3.0 hosting gives you the liberty to work from home or the place of your choice.

It is true that the technology will continue to grow and hence the innovations will also grow to make our life simpler and easier in the complex days to come. The SharePoint is just one of these which provide customized solutions to the users in any organizational set sup no matter what the size is... Things become streamlined and simple.

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